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Web Design Tips Applicable to Social Marketing Strategy

The bar is higher for Web Designers than some other professions to be knowledgeable about online social media. The Web Design industry is directly connected to Internet Marketing. Websites are the central focus of the online presence for organizations, but social media are an important supplement. A large percentage of people in the world are using social media. Web Designers must be well versed in social media marketing strategies, for their own professional image as well as the clients the represent.

Some great information related to this topic can be found in the following articles:

The digital portfolio of a Web Designer should center on the Website, but include popular social media such as Facebook or Twitter, or a Blog. Maintaining the digital presence is an ongoing challenge, with the consistent changes of technology and social media. Continually providing fresh and interesting content for social media and the Website is an ongoing endeavor.

Luckily, much Web Design knowledge can be applied toward Social Media Marketing. Areas of importance for both of these channels of online promotion include:

  1. Clarity about your organization’s goals
  2. Knowing Your Target Audience
  3. Time commitment
  4. Content Strategy to appeal to Target Audience
    • Adequate resources for finding relevant and unique content
    • Consistently providing fresh and interesting content.
  5. Human Resources with Various skills
    • Effective communication
    • Knowledge to promote organization
    • Ability to engage viewer interaction

In addition to Web Designers own portfolio, expertise to offer for the digital presence for clients must available. It is likely that customers will look to Web Designer for guidance on implementing and maintaining their social media. For social media recommendations for the clients of Web Designers, it would be dependent on several factors. The social media to be utilized should be determined on a case by case basis, with consideration for the specific goals, strategies, time, and budget of the organization.

A Web Designer must be knowledgeable enough about various social media aspects to assist the client or or direct them to other resources for help. By staying up to date for trends and new technologies necessary to maintain a Web Designer portfolio, you will automatically acquire knowledge to better assist your clients in regards to their digital marketing.

Tools to monitor your Website as well as Social Media may vary, but the process has many similarities.  Google has tools for both, as discussed in the articles below.

Check out a recent online presence that was implemented for an old schoolhouse, to include Website and the Facebook to supplement this site.

Do you have any questions or comments about the Website or Facebook for this charming schoolhouse? Any suggestions you could recommend to better serve viewers would be greatly appreciated. This digital promotion is part of a project to help save a historic and unique building in a small midwest town. The HSRC Facebook currently has 99 “likes”. Do you want to “like” this page to help us further promote this conservation effort future generations?

school33 DSC06920