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Social Media Important, but NOT Website Replacement

Social Media + Website = Uniform Marketing Message

With the popularity of social media as a channel for promotion of products and services, the question arises as to whether there is still the need for a company website. The answer to this inquiry, per an article on forbes.com by Davia Teminis, is that websites are absolutely necessary. Without a website, the online marketing control would be given to social media, which is not wise. Social media is crucial in facilitating online marketing, but should be integrated as part of digital communications with the website the central focus. An effort that employs the combined benefits of a one or more websites with social media is the best mix of Internet marketing.

Organizations should use their websites as the center of their electronic portfolio, with social media as spokes, taking advantage of the various platforms dependent on the benefits and target audience. Social media and your website should work in a concentrated and uniform manner to promote your brand.

Facebook to help Supplement Awareness of a Website

Selecting the right cover photo on your Facebook page is critical, per Davia Teminis. The first image people see when visiting your page should grab their attention and make a lasting impression. A strong visually appealing, eye-catching, and relevant picture is needed in this important place on Facebook. Pictures are important in Facebook posts as well. People like to see visual content and will be more likely to share photos and videos.

I know from experience on promoting Facebook for the Houston School Restoration Committee (HSRC) that posts with photos did garner more “likes”. Recently I have not had the time to present compelling content. Two recent messages for the HSRC have been text only posts to send wishes for a nice day. One post received 1 “like” and another no response.

hsrc-sunday-text hsrc-monday-text

In contrast, some previous posts with very simple text that included photos were better received. A post with the words “Wildflowers blooming along roadside near Houston, Indiana” and several bright, colorful flower pictures received several “likes”.


Similarly, photos of pretty sunset by the school and the text “Breathtaking sky Thursday evening at school” obtained viewer attention.


A “Hello from Houston.  Hope your Tuesday is great” message presented with a deer picture also garnered some “likes”.  Being able to present compelling content and tell a story with pictures is a goal for websites and social media alike.  The photos selected for promoting the HSRC are intended to present the peaceful and charming small town atmosphere of Houston, Indiana.  We want to grab people’s attention and encourage the value of attending the Houston Fall Festival.


Critical to Obtain Permission from People in Photos Prior to Posting Online
It is very important to get approval from people in photos before you put their pictures online.   It shows courtesy and respect to ask someone before putting their photo on the Web.  Additionally, legal issues could arise if someone’s  image is posted without permission.


It is also important to obtain permission to use pictures if you are not the photographer.  That is one reason I have acquired an interest in photography. The majority of the photos I use for websites and social media are ones I have snapped.  There is a lot to consider for social media promotion of websites, but it can be a lot of fun and well worth the effort.

Was this article helpful?  Would love to hear  your thoughts about the Facebook and wwebsite for HSRC (Houston School Restoration Committee.




Facebook/Twitter for Website Marketing

Social Media Fantastic way to Promote a Website
Having a Website is a crucial part of promoting your organization, but does not serve much purpose if people are not aware of your site.  A book by Susan Sweeney named 101 Ways to Promote Your Website offers a wealth of information for website marketing, including discussion about the value of social media such as Facebook and Twitter for helping to spread the word about your site and organization’s goals.   Online social media is powerful tool getting stronger every day.

Facebook Helping to Preserve a Schoolhouse Built in 1910
An effort to preserve a schoolhouse in Houston, Indiana that is over 100 years old is a mission of the Houston School Restoration Committee (HSRC).  A company had offered to pay $1,000 for the rights to burn the school building for a movie. At that time the community decided to save the schoolhouse instead of destroying it.

  • I am thankful and proud that people from my hometown value history and appreciate what the Houston schoolhouse represents.
  • I recently joined the HSRC committee and have implemented a Website and Facebook for this cause.
  • I am glad I can use my technical skills and the opportunities of the Internet and social media to help this wonderful endeavor.

school-facebook Snapshot of cover of Facebook for the Houston School Restoration Committee

The Facebook page created May 7, 2015 currently has 102 “likes”. Pictures of the schoolhouse, monthly pitch-in dinners in the building, and items of local interest have provided content for some recent posts.

school-church-houston-2015-june Photo of the schoolhouse in Houston, Indiana demonstrates small town tranquility

Twitter offers Extensive Marketing Tools
Twitter is well-known social networking tool that is suitable for short messages. The posts, called “tweets”, have a limit of 140 characters. There are various programs to make using Twitter easier. TweetDeck helps keep track of data such as those on Twitter of interest to you, your followers, and who has mentioned or re-tweeted your comments. You can save time by scheduling your tweets in advance with HootSuite.

Twitter directing viewers to Facebook and Websites
Twitter can be used to draw attention to other social media and Websites. I used a Tweet on July 19, 2015 to encourage people to visit the newly formed Facebook page for the Houston School Restoration Committee. A link to the Website, houstonschoolrestorationcommittee.org, can be found in the About section on the Facebook to further promote details about this cause.

Tweeting with Technology to help Bluebird Conservation
 Tweets can be used to promote upcoming events for an organization and to encourage viewers to visit the Website. Twitter helps me promote non-profit causes, such as communicating the date for the next quarterly meeting for the Bluebirders of Wake County, North Carolina with encouragement to see the Website for more details. Similarly, information about the annual meeting for the North Carolina Bluebird Society and the Web URL is communicated via a Tweet.


Social Media requires Committment, Consistency, and Customization
An organization can benefit greatly by incorporating social media into their marketing strategy, but it requires a focused effort that is consistent and committed. Customizing content and the social media application for the target audience is critical to forming and maintaining relationships and user engagement, per an article by  Ginger Killian & Kristy McManus on science direct.com.

Social Media helps give Tiny Rural Town & Tiny Wildlife a Big Voice
Houston is a tiny village in a remote area near the Hoosier National Forest in Jackson County, Indiana. The effort to restore and maintain a schoolhouse  in this town built over a century ago is being assisted with tools of modern technology. Houston, Indiana is online!  Check out this charming place at HSRC’s Facebook.


Similarly, the plight of the Bluebird and ways to help are being communicated  by technology. The voices that are promoting causes for small organizations are given a much bigger chance of being heard with the extensive power of social media. Check out the NCBS Facebook page and website learn more about this sweet, precious bird.  Many ways you can help, such as becoming a member or volunteering as county coordinator, are listed on the site.

What type of information on a website or social media would motivate you to assist with volunteer work?  Would love to hear your thoughts on how we could improve the following non-profit websites to encourage more interest and volunteerism.  Thanks for your interest.