Excited to see Outer Banks Wild Mustangs!

Glenda Wins Photo Contest with Kitty & Flower

Oscar, a kitty from Houston, Indiana, has been published in the April 17, 2017 issue of Women’s World.  His picture taken by Glenda won cute pet this week.  Check out  Oscar’s WordPress Website. He is also working on launching a greeting card line.

Houston Indiana Fall Festival

A fun day in October, the Houston Indiana Fall Festival, has been an annual celebration at the schoolhouse since 1994. Proceeds from this event are used toward repair and maintenance of the school. Glenda is thrilled to use her technical skills to help preserve the unique and charming place in her hometown. This event for 2016 was held on October 8. More details can be found on the website,


Houston Indiana Schoolhouse

Website and Facebook have recently been implemented for the restoration effort for a schoolhouse built in 1910 in Houston Indiana.  This historic building is currently used for social events, such as a monthly community supper. A calendar for 1967, the last time school was in session at this location, still hangs on the blackboard.

houston-monthly-dinner houston-indiana-school