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I was born in Seymour, Indiana and grew up in Houston, Indiana. Houston is a tiny rural village in northwest Jackson County of southern Indiana. This area offers a wealth of natural scenery, surrounded by the Hoosier National Forest. My love of nature was formed in my childhood by time spent swimming in Salt Creek, looking for pretty rocks and arrow heads, and picking blackberries, raspberries, and persimmons. I left my small town in Indiana in my early 20's to pursue a career in the computer industry in Raleigh, North Carolina. Although I have lived in a city for many years, the country views of my home in Indiana is never far from my mind. I am able to incorporate my love for nature and technology by photography, especially pictures of flowers. I have an extensive background in Information Technology, including EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Web Site Development, Programming, and Software Documentation. Recent employment includes Web Content Migration at ISA (International Society of Automation), Application Development at North Carolina State University, and Web Programming at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina. I also do freelance Web Administration for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Happy Easter

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 3.05.42 PM

Photo taken a couple weeks ago at church in my hometown of Houston, Indiana. Last Easter I was there in person, today I was there in spirit. More details about Houston can be found at following links:



Small Town Charm

The small town atmosphere and peaceful serenity of Houston, Indiana is refreshing. Photo of the Houston Christian Church  captures this quaint little village very well. I am proud to call this area of Jackson County, Indiana home. Hope your day is fabulous.


Back home in Indiana

Visiting the Houston Christian Church always makes whatever is going on in life more manageable.  Love this place.  Took time to snap some photos of Houston and nearby areas.  Seeing the beautiful scenery in my quaint hometown helps take my mind off stress.  houston-church-2016-march