Blog/Twitter Essential for Web Designers

Blogging and Tweeting can be especially important for those in the Web Design Industry, with social media being such a big part of an online marketing effort.   The guidelines for offering interesting digital content via Twitter and blogs can be found in various resources related to creating Web content.

The Value of Blogging 

Google encourages adding a blog to supplement websites for various benefits, including:

  • Connecting with others who share your interests
  • Encouraging readers to visit your website
  • Advertising your product or service


The Google Webmaster Guidelines are given for blogs as a resource to create relevant and useful content, similar to advise for creating great websites. Similarities for ensuring good blogs and websites include:

  • Using Google recommendations for images and other media posted digitally
  • Consistently offering fresh and original electronic content that is valuable for viewers
  • Ensuring your blog or website can be found by your target audience

People are attracted to blogs with dialogue similar to their personality, per information in an article named Birds of a Feather: How Personality Influences Blog Writing and Reading.  A critique by Glenda Ryan of this resource discusses Blogging-and-Personality, both writing and reading of blogs.

Expressing yourself in a digital format with the appropriate tone, look, and voice is important.  You must take in consideration your target audience, your organization, and your industry. 3 helpful resources:

The Power of Twitter

The importance of consistently offering fresh and unique content is highlighted by The Tao of Twitter written by Mark Schaefer. This s a fantastic resource for learning how to benefit from the power of Twitter.  Twitter is an opportunity to grab user’s attention with content that is unique and interesting.  Tweets that include links to blogs, websites,  and other social media are great ways to help promote your message.  Twitter can assist in any industry in the business world for profit companies as well as non-profit organizations.

Twitter can be valuable for marketing in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Promotional tool/Lead generator
  • Targeted Connections
  • Idea generator for Product Development
  • Customer Service Connection

Monitoring input from viewers in various online channels, including Twitter and Blogs, is an excellent way to obtain valuable marketing data. Ideas and suggestions retrieved from listening to what is being said about your organization can provide a wealth of ways to market to existing customers, per recommendations in Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies by Josh Bernoff & Charlene Li.

Blogging & Tweeting to Boost Website Traffic

Consistently offering interesting, relevant, and unique content is a common element for websites, blogs, and Twitter.  A great example of a blog that serves to supplement a website can be found for Village Craftsmen of Ocracoke Island, North Carolina.

This blog and website have reciprocal links that serve to cross promote.  This fantastic blog named Ocracoke Island Journal offers a wide range of stories, photos, and information that is of interest to the target audience of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Review of the archives of the Ocracoke Island Journal demonstrates the frequency of posts.  The charming tourist attraction of Ocracoke, steeped in history,  offers a wealth of potential topics for blogging.  The beautiful scenery and weather alone could provide so much fodder for discussion.

Looking for suggestions to promote visits to small town in rural Indiana


Though not as popular and well-known as the North Carolina Outer Banks, an old schoolhouse in a charming village in Jackson County of southern Indiana  has much to offer. We are looking for blog topic suggestions for the Houston School Restoration Committee (HSRC), a non-profit effort to preserve this school building in Houston, Indiana.

This small town in Indiana is nestled in the hills of the Hoosier National Forest.  A website and Facebook page have recently been implemented for this non-profit organization.
Fall Festival is held as a fundraiser for the HSRC every October, with proceeds dedicated to help maintain the schoolhouse. Pictures of the old schoolhouse and scenery in the Houston area have been the subjects of Facebook posts.


Which of the following do you think would be of most interest?

  1. Various topics relevant to Indiana
  2. Discussion about history and old schoolhouses from a variety of locations
  3. Memories from a person or people who grew up in Houston, Indiana
  4. The beautiful scenery in the backwoods of Jackson County, Indiana

Do you think pictures of nature scenery in rural Indiana are relevant and helpful Web content to promote awareness of the Houston schoolhouse? Would love to hear any ideas, comments, or questions you have.


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